Thursday, January 8, 2009

O my Goodness!! well it has been about a week since i have even logged on! new years eve i baby sat:) Jillian and Jolie so cute!! my buddie and i baby sat them until 2:00 a.m.! it was fun tho after that we went to her house and that morning at about 11 when we woke up we had a yummy breakfast in bed her daddy made for us!!! that night i went back to her house and we popped a few fire crackers and roasted sausages, and made s'mores over a warm toasty fire! the next day was just a day to relax and do nothing except for if i remember correctly i think we went to the circuit finals in Waco to watch my cousin team rope! the next day, Saturday, I went to the same girls birthday she had with a friend we played hide and seek... then we(as in myself and 5 other girls) stayed up until 3:00a.m.!! then we went to church and i had to work in the nursery. this is also the day that my aunt Mamie went home:(. then Monday... well good day but i had homework so i could not get on my blog.... but the next day i went ti school until about 10:30 because i did not feel good/i was sick:( the next, Wednesday, okay but i still felt a little weak:( today in science we made goo:) also i had a Basketball game:/ i made 3 or 4 baskets:D yeah!! but i burnt my knee pretty badly when i slid on the floor on the court ouch:( it still stings... but i will be back hopefully tomorrow for more updates:P

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